Reconoce el cambio, Haz que suceda

Cuando te das cuenta que hay algo que cambiar, qué es lo que te detiene? te falta motivación? guía? estrategias para identificar el problema o estructura para gestionar un plan? Los problemas representan un desafío diferente para cada quien, lo que no cambia son los pasos para su confrontación. El primer paso es tener la convicción de afrontarlos, y el compromiso de mantener el rumbo hasta el objetivo final. Después de ello, el plan depende de tus posibilidades, habilidades, disponibilidad y sobre todo, actitud. No aguantes tu siguiente paso en lo que esperas que pase en un futuro imaginario, soporta … Continue reading Reconoce el cambio, Haz que suceda

Build your Supportive Environment Kit

Humanity is living a stressful life. We all have been in a situation where our mental, physical, and emotional health have fallen apart, and we need to pause and adjust to keep going, at least once in our lives. What do you do when that pause is required, forced, or timely taken? Where do you go? and who do you refuge with? You can think of different things when you plan ahead, but when you don’t have the time, what, where, and who are your “contingency plan” agents in a real crisis? Do you even have a plan? Think of … Continue reading Build your Supportive Environment Kit


When we got this image we immediately thougth, skip this photo, the veins of my hands are popping out. What would the world think about them! But let me tell you this. After years of climbing, canicrossing, boxing, facing anxiety attacks, holding tight, letting go, playing music, painting, and writing stories. These are strong woman, dreamer warrior hands. They share much more lessons in those veins, than the letters of the book they are carrying. They are real, and they are mine. They are part of my temple and I live this life through him. Get rid of this self-sabotage, … Continue reading Self-acceptance

Useful Procrastination

There are many strategies to increase our effectiveness, strengthen our focus and optimize our time, but it is also vital to ensure our moments of relaxation, recreation and collaboration. As long as they are somehow meaningful. Our body, our mind, and our social spirit require them all to grow and stay balanced. Do you know how to take advantage of your moments of procrastination? Continue reading Useful Procrastination