Build your Supportive Environment Kit

Humanity is living a stressful life. We all have been in a situation where our mental, physical, and emotional health have fallen apart, and we need to pause and adjust to keep going, at least once in our lives.

What do you do when that pause is required, forced, or timely taken? Where do you go? and who do you refuge with? You can think of different things when you plan ahead, but when you don’t have the time, what, where, and who are your “contingency plan” agents in a real crisis? Do you even have a plan?

Think of Superman’s fortress of solitude. Yes, it is a safe place, but it offers more than just physical protection; it also holds advice and comfort from characters that would grant mental and emotional strength.

A supportive environment is entirely that. A space where you feel safe but also heal, recharge energy, and recover strength. As 3D beings, we must maintain mental stability, physical health, and emotional balance. Those three elements are not found in a single place or form but in a set of stages, involving people, attitude, and perhaps being or not in a place, yet all with the same purpose.

Building our supportive environment is more accessible when our expectations are clear. What you want to achieve would guide you through the tools, experiences, and groups of people that could increase your potential to succeed.

Ensure you consider all the pieces for your “supportive kit” and keep it in good shape as you would in a first aid one. It is, indeed, for a similar purpose.

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A.Viggiano, 2022/07, The pilot of your life


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