One life, One Agenda

“The world is for the starving; dreamers get just the leftovers” It is great to be hungry for living, willing to face challenges, set goals, and achieve. But even the greatest runners need a day or two to rest, recover, and come back better and stronger.

We live in a competitive society. We are taught to learn more and faster. No matter how well we perform, we will get the rest “on the go.” Are we aware of the consequences?

Setting high expectations and keeping positive vibes about our continuous growth is OK. The problem begins when our ambition overloads our schedule as if we have multiple timelines for our day.

There is no way we can handle multi-calendars. Due to business convenience, we have been told that multitasking is a capability, as the superpower to build, but it is not valid. The human brain doesn’t work like that. The reality is that our brain spends so much time switching between topics that we don’t perform any better. We just become better jugglers, we just become more distractive and lessen focus.

Having that into perspective, in order to be more productive and more focused, we need to tight our daily activities to the length of one Agenda, one activity at a time.

Dealing with the pressure of family, business, and society rhythm is a matter of practice and patience. Give the opportunity to your mind and body to take the lead on the amount of things you can commit per day. With the right strategy, soon you will notice you get more efficient with your time according to your capabilitiesand avoid the side effects of the stress for drowning in pending.

Remember life is not only about quantity but quality, then you would easily notice what need to improve without overwhelming with random and trending goals nonvaluable. Humans beings are not numbers in a report, we are experiences in a service, magic in a functionality, practicality in a DIY product.

Yes we live in a constant competition, yes we need to keep dreaming and working in our growth path, yet we still being 3D-beings that require balance from all the things we must, want, and wish to do.

Reducing commitments is not quitting, neither is exposing weaknesses or shortcomings. It is about potentiating skills, focusing on value, and aligning with inner strengths.

I am not talking about the literal meaning of using only one physical agenda, I talk about having a realistic agenda that should include all our day’s activities, home, work, health preferably not overlapping one to each other; if that extends the list to several days, so be it.

A well-organized agenda reflects our effectiveness in planning and management of our time and our abilities. We also become more conscious of others’ loads.

It may sound I am promoting a less competitive and less productive lifestyle. I may, or may not. I consider myself a competitive and a productive person, have always been like that, but not always had a healthy long-term agenda. My work calendar and my personal schedule summed around 15 to 20 hrs of activities per day. Even when I covered all my multitasking, including all my meals and a recurrent gym session, my life was not healthy and so neither my overall agenda.

Redistributing activities is a hard task for a competitive person, but is also to add up an injury, or a day off due to disability. So for me, as for many of us, it was a slow down warning. I cleaned my agenda, I unified timelines, I reduced daily commitments, and prioritized my home and health activities.

Now, this is key; take note. I also identified and reduced waste activities. To become more effective in the realistic timeline of a healthy schedule, you need to become overprotective of your time. With a quick scan of your daily activities, you might find a ton of energy and time thieves. Those nonvaluable tasks are everywhere, even in our unconscious, like looking around at mobile notifications and stepping out for a cup of water every 10 minutes or scanning the news every 20. You are stealing up to 3 hours of your plan in vague and repetitive social media videos!

I am certainly not less competitive for having a unified agenda. I am even more productive due to an added value-focused agenda. And I got the control of my life back. All-In-One.
How about you? How productive, for real, are you? How many of yourself need to live, work, and deal with your daily activities everyday?

A.Viggiano, G. 2022/07. The pilot of your life.


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