Quantity is the same, but Quality?

We all have the same amount of hours per day, and days per month. How do we spend the time we all have makes the difference between a year of achievements and one of sighs. Continue reading Quantity is the same, but Quality?

Stuck in your new year’s resolutions?

I love New Year’s Spirit. People’s dreams are at the top of their head all the time, and even at the saddest moments, there is a tiny light of hope in their eyes. It is great to list nice and challenging wishes, is funny, and comforting thinking, “and when I get it.” How many of those resolutions are you able to come true? Do you know why it becomes much easier to quit trying, even when we really want to make it happen? Would you like to make a difference this time? To finally achieve what you promise yourself, but … Continue reading Stuck in your new year’s resolutions?

Fight back to anxiety and depression

As when we force our smile and we end up laughing. Thinking positive results in having less time or space in our minds to worry about and be afraid of. Being grateful not only enables internal communication but also strengthens self-confidence. Using our talents and recognizing achievements, ours and others, would help us focusing on the good things, no matter if small steps. Continue reading Fight back to anxiety and depression

Pondera tus objetivos

Asignarles un valor a tus objetivos, les dará la potencia necesaria para sentirnos comprometidos a ellos. Si no les das la importancia y, al contrario los sigues tratando como actividades complementarias, u opcionales, no sabrán a reto sino a carga extra. Un objetivo desvalorizado terminará siendo reemplazado por cualquier otra actividad que tome mayor peso sobre tu agenda de responsabilidades Continue reading Pondera tus objetivos