When we got this image we immediately thougth, skip this photo, the veins of my hands are popping out. What would the world think about them! But let me tell you this. After years of climbing, canicrossing, boxing, facing anxiety attacks, holding tight, letting go, playing music, painting, and writing stories. These are strong woman, dreamer warrior hands. They share much more lessons in those veins, than the letters of the book they are carrying. They are real, and they are mine. They are part of my temple and I live this life through him. Get rid of this self-sabotage, … Continue reading Self-acceptance


Equality is when you talk kindly, think openly, listen humbly, and behave respectfully. Act from where you are to promote, and enable equality for everyone around you. Become an agent of actions, not only of intentions. We are all different from our uniqueness. We are all marvelous from our imperfections La igualdad es cuando hablas con amabilidad, piensas abiertamente, escuchas con humildad y te comportas con respeto. Actúa desde donde estés para promover y posibilitar la igualdad de todos los que te rodean. Conviértete en un agente de acciones, no solo de intenciones. Todos somos diferentes desde nuestra singularidad. Todos … Continue reading Equality