Become a decision maker

Day by day, we have tons of possibilities to choose, what to do, where to go, when to act, who to ask. Do we expect these things to be defined by someone or something else? How often? When we are kids, at home or at school, and sometimes at work, we receive instructions on all we are supposed to do during the day. Then, when we don’t, we have little or no experience in whatever to choose from and how to make and follow up on that decision. While waiting for someone else to take that ownership, we lose visibility … Continue reading Become a decision maker

Stuck in your new year’s resolutions?

I love New Year’s Spirit. People’s dreams are at the top of their head all the time, and even at the saddest moments, there is a tiny light of hope in their eyes. It is great to list nice and challenging wishes, is funny, and comforting thinking, “and when I get it.” How many of those resolutions are you able to come true? Do you know why it becomes much easier to quit trying, even when we really want to make it happen? Would you like to make a difference this time? To finally achieve what you promise yourself, but … Continue reading Stuck in your new year’s resolutions?

Build your Supportive Environment Kit

Humanity is living a stressful life. We all have been in a situation where our mental, physical, and emotional health have fallen apart, and we need to pause and adjust to keep going, at least once in our lives. What do you do when that pause is required, forced, or timely taken? Where do you go? and who do you refuge with? You can think of different things when you plan ahead, but when you don’t have the time, what, where, and who are your “contingency plan” agents in a real crisis? Do you even have a plan? Think of … Continue reading Build your Supportive Environment Kit