Fight back to anxiety and depression

As when we force our smile and we end up laughing. Thinking positive results in having less time or space in our minds to worry about and be afraid of. Being grateful not only enables internal communication but also strengthens self-confidence. Using our talents and recognizing achievements, ours and others, would help us focusing on the good things, no matter if small steps. Continue reading Fight back to anxiety and depression

Multidimensional beings, power or curse

Have you felt like doing multiple things but having a little impact on your journey? Having a multiple-purpose role loses effectiveness and focus in our tasks; even so, still getting trending at work, home, and school. Different articles talk about the crisis our brain suffers while switching between multiple tasks, losing the sense of detail, and so when switching between different roles losing objectivity. Why are we encouraging a nonhealthy skill? Companies appeal to the term “Multitasking” as a clever capability that we, as multidimensional beings, can perform multiple things allowing the increment in quantity and speed of results, setting … Continue reading Multidimensional beings, power or curse

Reconoce el cambio, Haz que suceda

Cuando te das cuenta que hay algo que cambiar, qué es lo que te detiene? te falta motivación? guía? estrategias para identificar el problema o estructura para gestionar un plan? Los problemas representan un desafío diferente para cada quien, lo que no cambia son los pasos para su confrontación. El primer paso es tener la convicción de afrontarlos, y el compromiso de mantener el rumbo hasta el objetivo final. Después de ello, el plan depende de tus posibilidades, habilidades, disponibilidad y sobre todo, actitud. No aguantes tu siguiente paso en lo que esperas que pase en un futuro imaginario, soporta … Continue reading Reconoce el cambio, Haz que suceda

Build your Supportive Environment Kit

Humanity is living a stressful life. We all have been in a situation where our mental, physical, and emotional health have fallen apart, and we need to pause and adjust to keep going, at least once in our lives. What do you do when that pause is required, forced, or timely taken? Where do you go? and who do you refuge with? You can think of different things when you plan ahead, but when you don’t have the time, what, where, and who are your “contingency plan” agents in a real crisis? Do you even have a plan? Think of … Continue reading Build your Supportive Environment Kit

How do we initiate transformation from a specific role to a Cross-functional role?

Agile framework still being trending, but is not as easy as get and use the agile tools and ceremonies terms. Mindset transformation is a continuous-improvement effort. Continue reading How do we initiate transformation from a specific role to a Cross-functional role?

Saving Energy by improving Agenda

Anyday, everyday, but mostly on the busy days, choose the meetings you ‘have’ to attend. Avoid the discussions where you have nothing to say. Some of those events require you to be informed but not to actively participate. Some of them you were considered ‘just in case’, someone else from the team can cover you on those. Check what your participation would be, the impact you’d have, or if you’d just need to ask for the end notes. Skip the sessions where you don’t have opinion nor action items to take care. If there is nothing else to do but … Continue reading Saving Energy by improving Agenda

Agile tools or Agile teams?

By saying that Agile framework is top trending in project management techniques these days, is easy to find plenty of variety on tools that provide at least one ‘cool’ and ‘useful’ benefit that is also ‘so fast and easy’ to customize and fit just right in your project. Free or licensed, there are quite amount of options, and yes, they are all configurable, colorful, useful, but yet not all practical, and far away from magical. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts regarding Agile, nothing in Agile is a step by step recipe to pursuit success, neither a set of tools … Continue reading Agile tools or Agile teams?